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Investing in the energy transition by pension funds and insurers. IVP Memo Series Part 2

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Pension funds and insurers need insight in the energy transition. They must manage the monies entrusted to them prudently, carefully measuring risks and returns. They also must report whether and to what extent their investments contribute to climate goals set by the Dutch governement, such as the reduction of greenhouse gasses. In order for pensioen funds and insurers to ascertain whether they wish to invest (more) in clean forms of energy, they need to have an understanding of the energy transition and the risks and returns concerned. "Investing in the energy transition by pension funds and insurers" informs about * what the energy transition entails * investment opportunities and risks * applicable law and regulation * legal contraints * external supervision

€12,50   (incl. tax)

Worldwide professional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies invest 300 billion euros in clean energy each year. This booklet (69 pages) helps to form an investment policy on energy, for which insight in the transition towards an energy system that is less dependent on sources such as coal, oil and gas is of the essence.

Investing in the energy transition by pension funds and insurers provides:

* what the energy transtion entails

* dilemma's policy makers face when contributing to reduction of greenhouse gasses

* investment opportunities, risks and returns

* applicable laws and regulations in the Netherlands

* legal contraints

* externa supervision

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