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On Europe

Virtually all legislation applicable to pension funds and insurers originates from the European Union (EU). The EU influences many policy areas. If you don’t wish to wait and see with what legislation the EU will impact your organisation, you need to influence the EU – and to know how the EU works.

The course “On Europe” is of interest to you if you wish to know more about:

  • ‘Europe’ and your organisation
  • The institutions and powers of the European Union: what do the European Commission, European Council, European Parliament or Court of Justice do?
  • Why and how to influence the decsion making process in “Europe”

You’ll get:

  • A certificate of participation
  • The books ‘The Excellent Pension Fund’ and  “The Art of Lobbying the EU”

PLEASE NOTE: This course is available in the Dutch language only. /


Time: 3 – 6


Beurs World Trade Centre Rotterdam

Rates and registration