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Pension fund management

Welcome to the Institute for Pension Education ("IVP'). The IVP was founded in 2012 to offer a quality boost to the Dutch pensions industry through education, certification and registration.

Who’s it for? Trustees, prospective trustees, directors and officers of pension funds and their suppliers, as well as for  service providers to pension funds who want to get an insight into ways to improve and tailor their pension fund services.

Education The IVP has developed the unique Pension Fund Management programme - a 72 hour course in 24 lectures that connects all aspects of pension operations in a practical manner, and provides training and assessment of all essential competences with the aid of experienced, qualified psychologists.

Certification Those graduating the Pension Fund Management programme – by means of successfully completing an exam in knowledge, insight, judgment and competences – will be awarded with the exclusive title of CPT - Chartered Pension Fund Trustee.

Registration The IVP advocates the creation of an industry-wide professional register for those qualified to manage, support or advice a pension fund.



What do successful business people, charismatic politicians and famous artists have in common? They have the knowledge and skills to express ideas, lead people and enthuse them. Whether you are a pension fund trustee, or would like to become one, offer services to pension funds, or work for its executive organisation, it’s your competences in addition to your knowledge that make an impact on the result. Courses developed by the Institute for Pension Education are specifically tailored to the pension fund industry. These courses will help you develop your aptitude in the increasingly challenging business environment.

Target audience

The various competence training courses are  are meant for:

  • pension fund trustees
  • directors and officers of pension funds and executive organisations
  • financial and business service suppliers to pension funds

Level of professionalism

Professionals are faced with critical, complex situations for which they need the competences to operate effectively. Besides the necessary knowledge, a set of professional skills are required to manage complex matters.

All competence training offered by the Institute for Pension Education are provided at an aptitude level so as to develop your own professional skills, as well as the ability to keep focus on the competences of others, and to help develop others’ competences if required.

Effective negotiation

Learn the difference between selling and negotiating, how to avoid giving away too much in a negotiation, and how to reach a maximum negotiation result.

Effective persuasion

Learn how to persuade people to support your idea, service or product.

Effective presentation

Learn to put your views across clearly, without fear, and bring the content of your message to your audience.

Effective teams

Learn to manage conflicts, better understand human relations, and use the strengths of each team member.

Effective writing

Learn to write clearly and convincingly for a business audience.

Media training

Learn how to effectively deal with crisis situations that attract or demand media attention.

Pension Fund Board Self-Assessment

An important skill within organisations is the ability to take a step back and scrutinise performance.

Specialised knowlegde

IVP developed specific courses for pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers, integrating core topics with the day-to-day-operations.

Change management for pension funds

Leading the change to the new pensions system

Investment Management Agreements

Make better investment management agreements by understanding your counterparty's interests

Investment management for pension funds

Brush up on your investment management knowledge if it's not your day-to-day work

On Europe

The influence of "Europe" on the pension industry

Outsourcing ICT

Get insight in the automation of pension services, including cloud services

Risk Management

Brush up on risk management if it's not your day job

Sustainability for institutional investors

A business approach to "sustainability" - legal requirements and strategy for pension funds and insurance companies