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Effective teams

An organisation’s success is often measured by the goals it achieves. To make the arduous road to success more accessible, it is desirable to work as a team.

Group dynamics and team work doesn’t always happen automatically, and often diverse personalities need to collaborate.

The success of every organisation and every project depends on the effective deployment of people.

Learn to manage conflicts, better understand human relations, and use the strengths of each team member.

Competencies addressed:

  • Collaboration: be prepared to work collegially with others as a contribution to improve results for the organisation
  • Communication: bring a message across, through active listening to others and accurately written and verbal presentation
  • Influence: give direction in all situations and inspire people, to create an environment that benefits all
  • Conflict resolution: connect people who avoid each other because of their differences

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess themselves as team members
  • Compose an effective team
  • Recognise behaviour that could obstruct effective teams
  • Understand group dynamics
  • Be accountable for team work

PLEASE NOTE: This course is available in the Dutch language only.


13 - 18.00


World Trade Center Rotterdam ("Beurs-WTC")

Beurs-WTC is easily accessible by public transport or car. For route description please follow THIS LINK

This course will only go ahead with a minimum of six participants.

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