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The Institute for Pension Education is a Dutch not-for-profit foundation formed in 2012 to bring a quality impulse to the pensions provision, regardless of whether the pensions provision is carried out by pension funds, insurers, asset management firms or other providers of pension services.

The quality impulse is achieved by education, certification and registration of pension professionals, as well as by product development and influencing the regulatory environment in which a quality pension provision may blossom. In addition, the events, books and annual December conference contribute to strengthen the knowlegde of pension fund trustees, senior management and professionals, as knowledge is a feature of quality.


The Institute for Pension Education was formed by Dutch pensions provider MN and Danish sustainable investment firm Sparinvest.

After the financial crisis of 2008 they recognised the need for a deep understanding of financial markets and products by pension fund trustees in order to maintain a quality pensions provision even in times of crisis. In 2013 the Pension Fund Management course was introduced, offering a new, unique comprehensive course for pension fund trustees and professionals on how to run a pension fund.

Since its formation the Institute for Pension Education has published four books with Pearson and Wolters Kluwer, organised many events, and trained hundreds of pension professionals.


Els Ankum - Griffioen RPB
Els Ankum - Griffioen RPB, M.A., board member

Head of Business Development & Investor Relations, Triodos Bank

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Rijk Griffioen
Rijk Griffioen, LL.M. M.A. EMoC, board member

Trustee IBM Pension Fund The Netherlands

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Ellen Cramer - De Jong
Ellen Cramer - De Jong, LL.M., board member

Partner, Allen & Overy, Investment Management

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Onno de Lange RPB
Onno de Lange RPB, LL.M., secretary

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