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Pension fund management

IVP has been offering the Pension Fund Management programme since 2013. A practical 72 hour course, divided in six subjects. Each subject is called a "Module". The six different Modules can be attended separately, and in any desired order. You are able to enrol whenever it suits you best. Each module comprises four lectures. You can enrol in the programme at the start of any of the Modules. It is also possible to enrol in an individual module, and receive a certificate of participation for the relevant module.

The Pension Fund Management curriculum is based on the vision that a pension fund is governed in a down-to-earth, business-like, professional manner, in order to achieve the realistic goals determined by the pension fund.

The programme therefore connects all aspects of the pensions business with each other and provides appropriate skills training, from pension law to negotiation skills, and from risk management to effective leadership. In addition to topics such as investment management, outsourcing and pension communication the Pension Fund Management curriculum also covers topics including marketing, public affairs management, and constructive opposition.

The Pension Fund Management programme works with qualified, experienced registered psychologists to give you an insight into your skills. The underlying rationale is that a trustee who knows himself well, is more effective. A psychologist produces a confidential report for each course member. And all psychologists abide by their professional code of conduct, including confidentiality.

Only by enrolling in all modules and successfully completing the exams in knowledge and skills can one earn the title CPT – Chartered Pension Fund Trustee. As a CPT you will have the knowledge, skills and judgement essential for leading any pension fund.


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PLEASE NOTE: These six courses are available in the Dutch language only. All lectures take place on Thursday afternoons, 3pm - 6pm, at the World Trade Center Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Pension plans and pension systems in the Netherlands and Europe

Available on: 11January 2024, 18 January 2024, 1 February 2024, 8 February 2024

In this module you will learn about:

  • the most important and current pension issues;
  • pensions legislation;
  • the various types of pension plans;
  • the funding of pension funds;
  • powers of supervisory authorities;
  • your rights towards supervisory authorities.

Investment management

Available on: 7 March 2024, 14 March 2024, 21 March 2024, 28 March 2024

This module was developed in close collaboration with the CFA Institute.

Pension funds invest the pension contributions generally paid by employers and employees into the pension fund, to eventually provide a socially acceptable retirement.

A pension fund’s board of trustees is responsible for the investment policy. There are thousands of asset managers and consultants who all offer an attractive proposition at first glance.

However, good decisions on asset management can only be taken with adequate knowledge of the investment aspects which are inextricably linked to the execution of a pension plan.

In this module you will learn how and why a pension fund invests, current issues, the importance of investment beliefs and how you as a trustee take investment decisions.

Risk management, balance sheet management

Available on: 11 April 2024, 18 April 2024, 25 April 2024, 2 May 2024

Pension funds play an important role in society. After all, millions of citizens depend on a supplementary pension for their retirement.

To enable pension funds to continuously fulfil their social role properly, in times of an aging population and the extended life span of their participants, the emphasis is on the financial management of pension plans.

In this module, you will learn about the relationship between cover ratio, ALM study, investment policy, establishing the premium height, and financial reporting.

You will learn the process, methods and techniques of risk management, including the possibilities of options / (receiver) swaptions / interest rate swaps and asset and liability management.


Available on: 30 May 2024, 6 June 2024,13 June 2024, 20 June 2024

Most pension funds outsource their core activities such as asset management, pension fund administration and pension administration.

In this module you learn:

  •      Outsourcing in accordance with regulation and policy;
  •      Making outsourcing policies;
  •      Tax aspects of outsourcing;
  •      Costs associated with outsourcing;
  •      The essentials of service level agreements,
  •      Implementation of outsourcing; and
  •      Remaining in control after outsourcing


Available on: 5 September 2024, 12 September 2024, 17 September 2024, 24 September 2024

When you’re appointed as trustee, chair or internal auditor to a pension fund, you will typically have no influence on the composition of the board or the internal supervision. These are the people with whom you will have to take important decisions in the years ahead.

Good collaboration between trustees, management and internal auditors determines the pension fund’s effectiveness. Topics include:

  • Decision making process
  • Trustee and executive management
  • Trustee and internal supervision
  • Board performance evaluation 

This module is about the formal aspects of governance, the legal and financial framework, how to develop vision and strategic policy, the insight in roles, tasks and functions of the chair and fellow trustees.

You will learn:

  •     Directing on driving forces, values and beliefs;
  •     In-depth understanding of pension funds, culture and politics;
  •     The risk management, audit and control functions of the board;
  •     Conflict management and self-assessment;
  •     Public affairs management;
  •     Connecting your learning goals with those of the organisation and fellow trustees;
  •     Understanding models for moral decision making, and codes of conduct; and
  •     Understanding integrity and apparent conflict of interest. 

Marketing and communication

Available on: 2 November 2024, 9 November 2024, 16 November 2024, 23 November 2024

It has become increasingly important for trustees to properly and clearly communicate with participants about their pension.

It is, apart from following legal guidelines on pension communication, paramount that pension fund trustees develop a communication strategy. An effective communication strategy helps to clarify to scheme members which decisions have been made, and why. Moreover, legal claims, due to misunderstandings, can be prevented by clear communication.

With an effective marketing strategy, your pension fund can offer added value to the participants. In this module, you will learn how and why.

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