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Collaborating pension funds

Pension funds implement pension schemes, and this is becoming more complicated and expensive. For this reason, collaboration is often an opportunity for pension funds to save costs, share knowledge and continue the service.

It could involve the collaboration of pension funds with an asset manager, with other pension funds, with knowledge partners, or with service providers, amongst others.

Collaboration entails change, and not everyone embreaces change. How do you ensure that changes are accepted and implemented? How could the collaboration best be governed? Could staff be placed in a new partnership against their will, and if so, is it desirable?

Competences addressed:

  • Collaboration: work collegially with others as a contribution to improve results for the organisation;
  • Sensitivity to environment: see things from a different viewpoint, and take into account the effects that own actions have on others;
  • Communication: bring a message across, through active listening to others and accurately written and verbal presentation
  • Influence: give direction in all situations and inspire people, to create an environment that benefits all.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  •  Make strategic considerations for collaboration;
  •  Select collaborators;
  •  Gain a good understanding of your priorities as well as insight into your partners in order to reach a win-win situation;
  •  Recognise and influence different concerns and priorities;
  • Take into account the role of culture in order to achieve a successful collaboration;
  • Recognise the behaviour required of stakeholders in order to implement a successful collaboration; and
  • Positively influence behaviour.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is available in the Dutch language only.



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