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Outsourcing ICT

For various reasons, pension funds are increasingly favouring the outsourcing of  their information and communication technology (ICT) requirements.

This sub-contracting is meant to achieve cost reduction and cost management, bring the focus back to core activities or improve the quality of service.

Before a pension fund chooses to outsource the ICT, it analyses:

  • Why outsourcing is required;
  • Which parts are to be outsourced;
  • Who will undertake the work; and
  • How outsourcing will be implemented.

The emphasis of this course is on the effective collaboration with the party to which the ICT will be sub-contracted.

Competences addressed:

  • Collaboration: be prepared to work collegially with others as a contribution to improve results for the organisation;
  • Sensitivity to yhe environment: see things from a different viewpoint, and take into account the effects that own actions have on others;
  • Communication: bring a message across, through active listening to others and accurately written and verbal presentation;
  • Influence: give direction in all situations and inspire people, to create an environment that benefits all.

Upon completion of this course, participants can:

  • Implement project management;
  • Weigh legal aspects: after negotiations, facilities and/or business processes are handed over to a third party. The agreement reached needs to be put in writing (often a service level agreement)
  • Select a suitable third party;
  • Remain in control after outsourcing: after the sub-contracting route has been finalised, the internal organisation needs to be able to control the outsourced processes or facilities;
  • Outsource ICT facilities or/or processes.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is available in the Dutch language only.


Wednesday 22 May 2024

10.30 - 16.00


Rates and registration